Friday, October 26, 2007

PHP5 and mysql and apache in one pack-WAMP Server installation on windows

PHP5 and mysql and apache in one pack-WAMP Server installation on windows

You can install Apache Server, MySQL, and PHP in one step using WAMP. WAMP is a freeware package that bundles Apache, MySQL, and PHP into one executable. You can download WAMP from the project homepage. Once you download WAMP, double click the icon and begin the install process.
Click Next to begin:After agreeing to the WAMP license, select the destination location. Leave the default location as "c:\wamp" and click Next:Leave the default Start Menu shortcut as "WampServer" and click Next:Select automatically launch WAMP5 on startup. This will allow Vista to act as a server whenever it is started. Select the check box and click Next:WAMP will summarize your selections. Click Install and WAMP will begin the install process:WAMP will extract and install itself. The process should only take a few seconds, and WAMP will prompt you to choose a folder for your "DocumentRoot." Leave the default folder as "www" and click Ok:WAMP will prompt you to enter the SMTP server to be used by PHP to send emails. Leave the default value as "localhost" and click Next:WAMP will then prompt you to enter the default email address to be used by PHP to send emails. Put your email address in this field and click Next:If you have Firefox installed, WAMP will ask you if you would like to use Firefox as the default browser with WAMP. This is a personal preference, so feel free to choose "Yes" or "No." I will choose "Yes" and then click Next:You will likely be prompted by Vista whether the Windows Firewall should allow or block the features of WAMP. You want to allow all of the features of WAMP, so click Unblock:Congratulations, the installation process is complete, click Finish and Launch WAMP5 now:Open a browser and enter "localhost" as the URL, and you will see a summary of the installation process:now go to browser… and type in the address bar…..


and press inter..default wamp server page is open……
now u go to c:/wamp/www/myfolder

myfolder is ur web folder where u put on ur .php pages.

And now run ur php page like this…

Go to Browser address bar

http://localhost/myfolder/ index.php

now happy and enjoy… read the other post from my blog and enjoy…and expert in the php script…..

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