Sunday, January 11, 2009

Famous javascript Library list and javascript framework

Famous javascript Library list -

* Ample SDK
* Backbase
* Clean AJAX
* Dojo Toolkit
* Echo
* Ext
* Himle
* JQuery
* Joose (framework)
* Microsoft AJAX Library
* midori
* Mochikit
* MooTools
* My Library
* Morfik
* OpenLink AJAX Toolkit
* Prototype JavaScript Framework
* qooxdoo
* Rialto Toolkit
* Rico
* SmartClient
* Spry framework
* Yahoo! UI Library

PHP MVC Framework list

10- Ambivalence: A Java-Maverick Port
9- WACT: Web Application Component Toolkit
8- Achievo: A good RAD framework
7- Phrame: A Java-Struts port
6- Studs: A Java-Struts port to PHP
5- Prado: The winner of Zend coding contest
4- PHPOnTrax: a Rails port - PHP5 Only
3- CakePHP: Inspired by Rails PHP4/5
2- Mojavi: The first MVC framework I fell in love with

and the winner is:

1- Symfony: Based on Mojavi and inspired by Rails

This list is based on my personal tests and use. I have tested and played with many others, but I think these are the best frameworks out there.
- The first framework I fell in love with was Mojavi because of its elegant way to implement the MVC model.
- Symfony corrected some problems in Mojavi and improved it by taking the good sides of RubyOnRails and Propel.
- CakePHP is very promising, the only problem - really, I don't know if it is a problem - is: the development process is very slow.